Lextended Day is pleased to offer February and April Vacation Programs for currently enrolled students. Each week has a new and exciting theme.  Children have the opportunity to try new activities in the comfort of a known program. 

The program is hosted at alternating elementary schools. 

  • Students will recognize familiar faces as the program is staffed by teachers from every site. 
  • Tuesday through Friday,  8:30 am to  6:00 pm.  Sorry, we can not accommodate drop offs before  8:30  am.  Please remember this is a long day for children in a new place. 
  • cost  is $275 for four days.
  • Students should bring their own lunches and snacks will be provided. 
  • Please do not register for the program if you think your family's plans may change as we will not be offering refunds. The programs typically do not max out so waiting until your plans are finalized is best. 
  • Registration closes  Friday one week before camp starts so that we can finalize staffing, and purchase supplies.