Specialist Programming 

Lextended Day has an array of specialist teachers in a variety of entertaining and educational disciplines. They will consistently visit each site and be sharing their passions regularly with your children. 


Live Action Role Playing (LARP)

LARP is a type of role-playing game where the players physically act out their characters, interacting with one another while assuming the personas of the characters they create. Together with one or more storytellers to fill in the rest of the characters, world, and narrative, the players interactively engage in creating a story with the storytellers and each other.  Larp overview and waiver form

Paul Spanagel has been playing in imaginary worlds as his primary occupation since the tender age of six. He earned his master's degree in informal learning at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, and worked for six years as part of the staff team at the Wizards & Warriors summer camp through Guard Up! in Burlington, three of which he served as their Director of Logistics and head plot writer. Just this last summer, he reprised his LARP storytelling role as director of logistics/plot for Dragon's Haven, a new teen summer camp in Spencer. He truly believes in the power of stories to shape how we interact with the world, and how we see ourselves.

Paul Spanagel

Paul Spanagel


Theatre gives children an outlet to explore skills that will stay with them for life! Some of these skills will lead to participation in theatre as adults (onstage, backstage, as an audience member supporting the arts!) other skills may aid students in things like public speaking, creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork.  

The Drama programming will offer a wide array of activities including performing (short and long productions), designing (sets, props, costumes, sound), puppetry, improvisation, play writing, auditioning techniques, mask work, movement, and other activities sparked by the children! Some of these activities could take the form of one afternoon of letting our imaginations run wild. Others might take the form of building skills on a week to week basis for a given period of time with the possibility of a final project such as a short performance, pretend professional audition or designer showcase. 

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Outdoor Adventures

The number one goal is to have fun! Alongside this, the aims for this program include creating a love and appreciation for the outdoors while developing respect for other living things through mindfulness, knowledge, and understanding.  Children will learn life skills, build stronger executive functioning skills, develop leadership, enhance their problem-solving abilities, and use their senses - all while being active! Children will engage in both unstructured free play time and team-building games and initiatives run both indoors and out.  Outdoor Education Waiver form

Tim Faucher

Tim Faucher


Tim Faucher received a Bachelor’s degree in adventure education/wilderness leadership from Prescott College. Tim has been with Lextended Day for five years now and has had the opportunity to work at all six locations. He has worked with children in a number of settings, all the way from the backwoods of Maine to the British Virgin Islands. Tim has facilitated groups through extensive outdoor activities ranging from a Junior Maine Guide program to sailing 52’ boats. He has also worked with the Bill Koch ski league based out of the Great Brook Ski Touring Center in Carlisle. Tim loves the outdoors and when he is not working you will most likely find him on a horse or in a canoe, but if you don’t see him in the canoe look for bubbles because he might just be hanging out under the water scuba diving.  In the winter months, when not working, Tim enjoys alpine and Nordic skiing as well as roller-skating.

Physical Education

The curriculum I am running is aimed at developing not just physical skills but social communicative skills as well. Many of the games I will be incorporating, especially at the beginning of the year, will be team based games where students will have to work together to win the game or accomplish a goal. These games will also promote the development of fundamental physical abilities such as catching, throwing, and kicking. Individual games will also be promoted throughout the year which will require kids to have awareness of their surroundings and allow them to think on their own on how to win the game presented. Above all the curriculum I am aiming to establish will have a main goal of kids having fun with their fellow peers in a safe environment.

Andrew Tuminelli

Andrew Tuminelli

Andrew is one of the newest specialists for this school year. Andrew graduated from Umass Lowell in 2015 with a degree in Exercise Physiology. After graduation, Andrew became a substitute teacher in the Woburn Public School system and was soon promoted to a full time para-professional position with the 8th grade special education program at the Joyce Middle School, where he currently works during the day. Having played soccer and running track throughout his life, Andrew is an avid athlete with a long background in sports. He hopes to maximize his influence on our children here when contributing to our programming by focusing on keeping them physically active and setting strong examples of teamwork, leadership, and positivity. In his free time, Andrew is a DJ, running various events throughout Boston and the New England area and we plan to incorporate his musical knowledge into some fun activities at Lextended Day.


Our new cooking program will teach the students how to cook recipes from both their own backyard and from around the world, all the while using their math skills as they help weigh and measure ingredients. Additional topics covered will range from the history of food, to how fruits and vegetables are grown, to the manufacturing of their favorite snacks. By the end of the year we hope the children will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge in cooking/food preparation, show understanding of nutrition, and will have broadened their taste bud horizon!

Position currently open.

Robotics and Coding

What does the saying "Reading is fundamental" have to do with Robotics and Coding? Both emphasize developing literacy and exploration! We live in an increasingly technology and machine centered world. Not only is learning about robotics and coding important but it's also exciting and imaginative. In the new program, students will develop technological literacy in ways that enhance abilities in self expression, collaboration, and celebration in fun and creative ways.

Position currently open.