Schedule changes:

  • Schedule changes go into effect at the beginning of the month. All schedule changes must be submitted prior to the 15th of the month as we do our billing on the 15th
  • You can purchase extra blocks (see below) to accommodate mid-month changes; however, you cannot be reimbursed for days that are missed. 
  • All schedule changes MUST be submitted on a schedule change form along with a $25 schedule-change fee.  This ensures our attendance is accurate and is importantly for the safety of your child.       
  • The schedule-change fee will be waived if you are on a wait list and a slot becomes available or if you are increasing the number of blocks to be used.
  • Remember there is a weekly 3 block minimum if you use Thursdays, 2 blocks for other days.


In order to honor our contracts with our staff, meet financial obligations, and build community, it is expected that students are enrolled for the entire school year.  At the same time, we understand that circumstances change, and allowances are made for early withdrawal.  We request a 45 day notice to withdraw and there is a $50 fee, and all changes take place at the beginning of the month.  For example, a family should give notice by Feb 15 for a April 1st withdrawal. 

Schedule Change and/or Withdrawal Form

Extra blocks:

Requests for extra blocks should be made to the Site Director by calling or emailing. Space will be confirmed by the Site Directors. Space is limited as we have waitlists at most sites.