Registration for school year 2019-2020 will open on April 1st, 2019 at 9:00 am.

Please do not register early as it will cause a double entry in your family record and will prevent you from registering on this day.

School year 2018-2019

We are currently full for most days at all sites. 

If you would like to inquire about space please email your child’s grade and the days you are interested in

Families must register with Lexington Public School Central Administration before registering for Lextended Day.

Please read, understand and make sure you agree to our parent polices.  

2018-2019 Tuition:                                                                   

2 blocks              $229
3 blocks              $304
4 blocks              $377
5 blocks              $448
6 blocks              $499

Extra Block         $31


  • Registration Fee $75

  • Schedule change $50

  • Withdrawal $150 (45 day notice period)

  • Camp $275 for 4 days.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I hear if my child has a space?  

We move through the list in the order registered.  As each child's schedule is different it takes some time to work though the families.  When we get to almost capacity we offer space available even if it was not the days requested to the next family.  This back and forth takes a while the process slows as we get closer to capacity. 

What if my child has allergies or a medical condition?  

We will collect child information and medical forms once your child has been registered.  Under state law and for the safety of your child, we need to have these and all current prescriptions prior to care.  

Do I need to have completed the paperwork with the Lexington Public School before I register? 

Yes, you must register with LPS before you can register for Lextended Day so that you know what school your child will be attending

Why do I need to register each year?  

We have found that most families plans change each year and that sometimes they change at the last minute.  By opening registration on a first come first serve basis we strive to be fair to all families and let families know in ample time to plan if they do not get a spot. 

Is the deposit refundable?

 No, the registration fee and deposit for September tuition are not refundable.   We are holding the space for your child.   By asking families to commit, we have found that there are fewer last minute changes and the most possible spots are freed in a timely basis.   If you are uncertain of your needs for next year, please wait to sign up. We enroll children throughout the year as space allows.  

Can I transport my child from one site to another?  

No, it is safest for your child to come at attendance time.  Most sites fill eventually and the spots are reserved for children at that school. 

Why do you have limits on the number of children you serve?  

We are allocated a certain amount of space by the schools, usually the cafe with access to the gym, and state regulations dictate how many children we can serve in this space.  

Can I pay by check? 

Yes, checks can be mailed or dropped off at  to our office and must be received before the 15th of the month prior to service (before June 15 to secure your spot in September).  There is a late fee if payments are not received by the 15th.