Payment Options

Tuition Express is our preferred form of payment.  You will be emailed a statement mid month and if you do not have any questions or concerns, payment is deducted on the last business day of the month. 

Checks : Tuition is due by the 15th for the following month with the exception of September tuition which is due on June 1st. There will be a $35 late fee for checks received after the due date.  Tuition checks should mailed to or dropped off at Lextended Day, 4 Militia Drive, Suite 12, Lexington, MA 02421. 

State voucher parents must pay before the beginning of each month of service. Parents are responsible for determining their portion of the payment.  Lextended Day bills the state for the other portion.  

Families in need of financial assistance should fill out the application and return.

 Monthly Rates 2019-2020                                                             

2 blocks ...... $234
3 blocks ...... $310
4 blocks ...... $385
5 blocks ...... $457
6 blocks ....... $509

Extra Block ...... $32

  • Schedule change $50 (due by the 15th of the month before)

  • Withdrawal $150 (45 day notice period)

  • Camp $275 (Optional Feb and April Programs)

  • Registration $75

There is a 2 day minimum.  Thursday counts as 2 blocks.  

Tuition is based on 181 operating days for grades 1-5, and 179 operating days for kindergarten children, and is divided into ten equal monthly payments.  Holidays and vacations are taken into account.  Tuition for the months of June and September are the same as that for the other months.  The obligation to pay for a full month's tuition is unconditional.  Lextended Day cannot pro-rate or refund for absences, vacations, or visits from extended family.

Questions about your balance? Need a receipt?  Please log into