Snacks and Play

All the sites at Lextended Day share a very similar structure that takes into account the developmental needs of children. If the weather permits,  outdoor recreation time takes place every day. The students have the opportunity to play in the fresh air with friends, and are supervised by members of staff.  Outdoor play takes place before or after a healthy snack. We design our snack time to be as nutritious as possibleWe tend to offer a selection of fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, and milk or water, and we choose particular snacks depending on what is freshest and in season.  

Activities and Homework

Each site offers scheduled activity time each day. Some may be student led, where children have the opportunity for free play with a variety of toys and educational materials.  All sites have a variety of teacher led activities and classes which students can choose from. Activities depend on the strengths of current staff at each site, but in general all locations offer options including drama, dance, art, music, and STEAM classes. All locations offer homework time, and  some sites may offer more specialized offerings in yoga, chess, foreign languages, or cooking.    

Thursday Programming

The extended Thursday afternoons offer a great opportunity for additional programming. Following lunch, sites offer outdoor recess and their regular activities and sessions. Many sites also use the additional hours for ‘altogether time’. This could be an organized competition, such as bridge building or egg drop, or may take the form of a visiting entertainer, such as a magician, clown, or world frisbee champion! In addition, some sites also offer field trips on Thursdays to locations such as the Lego Discovery Center. 

It should be noted that specific programming may vary from site to site, and we encourage parents to read the staff biographies on each site’s page to learn more about the team and what they like to teach.  


New for the 2017-18 school year, Lextended Day has hired a new array of 'specialist' teachers in a variety of entertaining and educational disciplines, such as cooking, drama, and the natural world. They will visit each site once a week, sharing their passions and expertise regularly with your children. Check back here at the end of the summer to meet them and find our what they'll be offering!