Nominating Committee Members Needed

Each site needs one volunteer to serve on the nominating committee.  This committee convenes prior to elections to interview and screen candidates for the board of directors.  Time commitment is one to two evenings as well as being an ambassador for promoting board service including reaching out to potential board members.  If you are interested in serving please send an email to 

Board of Director Candidates - Nominations Welcome!

Board vacancies 2019-2020

  • Fiske (1 spots)

  • Bowman (1 spot)

  • Estabrook (1 spot)

  • Bridge (2 spot)

  • Hastings (1 spot)

  • Harrington ( 1 spot)

Do you know someone who would be asset to to governance of Lextended Day?  Nominate him / her by filling out the Nomination Form below.  

Are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors?  Nominate yourself by filling out the Nomination Form below.  

Interested persons must have a child or children currently enrolled in the Lextended Day program, a broad understanding of the purpose of Lextended Day, and knowledge and/or experience with nonprofit board function and purpose sufficient to fulfill his/her fiduciary duties and responsibilities.  The Nominating Committees will examine experience, education, skills, past volunteerism and board experience, and potential disqualifying situations in its consideration of candidates. 

Please review the guidelines below to ensure that you have an understanding of the role and function of a nonprofit board. For example, nonprofit boards are charged with oversight and policy making for the organization; they do not manage operations, personnel or other day-to-day business. 

Finally, all Board members are encouraged to consider and represent the best interests of the organization as a whole, not merely the sites where their child(ren) are enrolled.  This broader perspective enables the Board members to work together effectively and in the interests of the whole organization. 

Thank you for your interest! Please review the materials below and send completed materials to