All parents must agree to follow our policies prior to registration and sign off on their agreement on their child's form.

2019-2020 Parent Handbook

In order to hire the best possible teachers, we commit to them for a full school year.  Our other financial commitments are also based on the school year.  Therefore the program is set up with the expectation and planning that children are enrolled for the entire school year.  

Schedule changes:

  • Schedule changes go into effect at the beginning of the month. All schedule changes must be submitted prior to the 15th of the month as we do our billing on the 15th. In order to discourage people from signing up for days they do not plan to use and allow us to collect September deposits for the correct amount, changes for September billing (including the days in Aug) must be made before June 15th, using the Schedule change form below.

  • You can purchase extra blocks (see below) to accommodate mid-month changes; however, you cannot be reimbursed for days that are missed.

  • The schedule-change fee will be waived if you are on a waitlist and a slot becomes available.

  • Remember there is a weekly 3 block minimum if you use Thursdays, 2 blocks for other days.


In order to honor our contracts with our staff, meet financial obligations, and build community, it is expected that students are enrolled for the entire school year.  At the same time, we understand that circumstances change, and allowances are made for early withdrawal.  We request a 45 day notice to withdraw and there is a fee, and all changes take place at the beginning of the month.  For example, a family should give notice by Feb 15 for an April 1st withdrawal. 

2019-2020 Schedule Change/Withdrawal Form

Schedule changes and withdrawals for September can be done after registration, but they must be submitted and paid for before June 15th. After that date, these changes will take place in October.  Please remember September’s tuition is non-refundable.

Extra blocks:

Requests for extra blocks should be made to the Site Director by calling or emailing. Space will be confirmed by the Site Directors. Space is limited as we  are full at most sites.

Tuition is due the 15th of the Month preceding care.  There will be a $35 late fee charged to funds received after this date. September fees for upcoming school year along with the Child Information Form is due by June 1st to secure your spot. 

Potentially Life-Threatening Allergies & Asthma: if your child has an allergy that requires treatment with an Epi-pen or Benadryl, or asthma requiring treatment with an inhaler, you must provide the following before your child's first day in the program:

  • Child health forms

  • All necessary medications. We do not have access to medications left with the school nurse.

Financial Assistance:  A limited amount of financial assistance is available to Lextended Day families.  We first ask that families apply for state assistance here.  Once you have applied you may then apply for Lextended Day funds.  Our application is here. 

Absences: If your child will not attend Lextended Day as scheduled, it is essential that you notify the program site. Please contact the site prior to the start of the program as we take attendance at the beginning of each after-school session.  Parents may also wish to send a note to the classroom teacher, but please note that this should be done in addition to and not instead of informing Lextended Day directly.  Parents will be contacted if a child does not report to Lextended Day and no message of a change has been received. As we must find out if all children are accounted for each day, parents who consistently do not notify Lextended may forfeit their place in the program 

Pick-up:  While we are still getting acquainted, it is also important that children introduce their parents or guardians to the staff at departure time.  Children will not be dismissed to anyone other than a parent/guardian unless we have been notified.  Please be sure to sign your child out at the end of each day. Parents who pick up late will jeopardize their spot in the program.  We recommend collaborating with another family in the program to have a backup pick up. 

Weather & Other Emergency Closings or Evacuations:  The program will not operate on any day when the Lexington Public Schools are closed due to bad weather or other emergency conditions.  We will also close when the Lexington Public Schools dismiss children prior to the scheduled opening of Lextended Day. It is essential that parents allow extra commuting time in inclement weather to ensure arrival prior to 6:00 pm and so that our teachers may return safely home to their families.  



Enrollment   (This form must be printed and signed due to state regulations)


Financial Assistance

Schedule Change/Withdrawal