Shannon Ditto, Site Director

Eric Rhem, Assistant Site Director

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Site Director, Shannon Ditto has been working in the performing arts and education fields for the past 12 years in her home state of Ohio, as well as Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In 2009, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Performance and Theatre Production and Design. In 2011 she completed her Master of Arts in Multiple Age Theatre Education from Emerson College. During her time as an Education Specialist, she provided reading interventions in 3rd grade classrooms, and led 5th grade and drama activities after school. Shannon has served as Site Director for Champions Extended Learning (Knowledge Universe) in Ohio and Massachusetts locations. In addition to providing support and leadership in extended learning programs, Shannon loves to create engaging hands on curriculum. Some of her favorite subjects are: STEAM, team building, and project based learning.

Eric Rehm

Eric Rehm

Eric Rehm — Assistant Site Director
Eric is an active advocate for the arts and education. He has a B.A. in English and Theatre from Umass Amherst and has worked in after school enrichment for over four years. Eric has designed many events and projects in his time as an educator, from mural making to directing theatrical productions to running field days, and has taught workshops in art and theatre.  He loves to cultivate the arts in young minds and provide a safe space for children to express themselves, fostering positive social experiences while allowing the imagination to flourish.  Eric tries to remain creative in his spare time, he is a classically trained singer, he paints and doodles and every now and again joins the cast of a musical or play. 

Nari Kim — Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher
Nari is an active pursuer of promoting safe and healthy environments for the minds and hearts of the youth. She earned her B.A. in Psychology and Women and Gender Studies from Rutgers University-New Brunswick and has gained experience as a preschool teacher for the past two years at Rainbow School at Ridgefield, New Jersey. She is currently studying her Masters in Divinity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary at South Hamilton, MA. Previously, she actively volunteered in youth organizations and fields that focus on helping the youth achieve a healthy mindset. 

In the long run, Nari is planning on pursuing a field that strongly focuses on mental health. She plans to specialize in a career that ties the concept of psychology with the active pursuit of living a wholesome life. She believes that a strong heart can encourage a strong mind and a strong mind can encourage a strong heart and wants to walk with people who also search for that kind of balance

Greg Kaplan

Greg Kaplan

Greg Kaplan  Second and Third Grade Teacher
Greg is currently in his seventh year at Lextended Day. His main focus at our program is in the capacity of a sports and recreation instructor. He spends much of his time in the gym or outside with the children instructing various activities. Greg is a graduate of the University of Vermont, wherehe studied foreign languages. He also spent a semester abroad, studying at the University of Seville in Spain. Previous to working at Lextended Day, Greg spent many years employed in the editorial field and in office management. In his free time Greg enjoys running and Crossfit. 



Cassandra Rush

Cassandra Rush

Cassandra Rush  Fourth and Fifth Grade Teacher
Cassie has experience as a local babysitter. She has worked for families in Lexington for over two years and is a student at Lexington High School. For the last few years she has been volunteering at the Bowman Site. She hopes to bring fun games, dance and cooking opportunities to Bridge. Her hobbies include skating, singing, drawing, dancing and cooking. She likes to roller blade and do crafts as well as help students with homework. Something cool you should know about her is that she's very good at puzzles. She also wants you to know she loves to play with kids, considers herself a big kid at hear, and has an easy time talking to children.


Michelle Finston  Second and Third Grade Teacher

Michelle Finston is an integrated arts teacher and performer.  She is a graduate from SMFA, Tufts University, and Emerson College.  She works in a array of settings some of her specialities include: stop-motion animation, devised theater, puppetry, and fine arts.

As a creative arts teacher, she strives to engage and inspire her students to think critically, collaborate, take on challenges, and gain confidence as artists.  When she isn't teaching or performing she enjoys doing aerial silks and riding her bike

Laureen Sloman  Lextended Day Program – Grade K
Laureen earned her Associate Degree in Secretarial Science/legal.  She has made a career in this field and has enjoyed the opportunity to work in state government; a local hospital and currently works for Lexington Public Schools as a member of their support staff.  She has dedicated her professional years to helping people of all ages.  Laureen is a mother of three and enjoys spending as much time as possible with her children.  She also enjoys the outdoors, camping, swimming, walking and gardening.

For over ten years, Laureen has been a volunteer at her children’s schools in various capacities.  One of my favorite ways to help out in the community has been to volunteer as a collection coordinator for Anton’s Coats for Kids.  I believe it is important to give back in any way that you are able. At Bridge Lextended, Laureen continues to foster kind relationships with the children and enjoys seeing their imaginations shine through all that they do and explore!  The kids always have an exciting story to share!

Susan Harris

Susan Harris

Susan Harris  Second and Third Grade Teacher
Sue Harris holds a BS in Economics and a Finance certificate from Northeastern University.  Following college she worked in the financial industry. She worked for Putman Investments as a 401K plan administrator and for the Kraematon Group as a manager of 401 enrollment services.  After taking some time off to raise her three children she went back to work for the Billerica Public School system. There she held a position at the Dutile elementary school as a lunch aid for four years.  She also served as a PTO board member at the Elementary and Middle Schools for Billerica.  She currently enjoys working at the Bridge Elementary school in Lexington as a Support Staff Personnel. In this position she supervises children at recess, in the lunchroom and in a class setting.  Outside of work she has coached both in-town and travel youth soccer and basketball. She enjoys sports, both playing and spectating and loves to spend time with her family.

June Gibbons — First Grade Teacher

June Gibbons is in her second year at Lextended Day. She is a recent graduate of Woburn High School and the recipient of a hard earned scholarship toward secondary education. She worked with our Kindergarten team last year and will be working on the First Grade unit this fall. She is back in school for education, and has a penchant for working with students who have special needs. Her enthusiasm for working with children and her skills in addressing unique needs are evident everyday in her work at Lextended.


Paul Spanagel  Forth and Fifth Grade Lead Teacher

Paul is a believer in the power of intrinsically motivated and play-based learning for all ages. He has a Master's in teaching, learning, and leadership from the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, and undergraduate degrees in Music and Drama from Vassar College. Over the past six years, he has worked with children and youth across many age groups with a focus on promoting critical reflection, compassion, and collaboration.

He loves working with children to support them in the pursuit of their passions, and helping them to forge connections between those passions and positive change. He is looking forward to helping contribute to a safe, supportive atmosphere that encourages children to both challenge and appreciate themselves as they learn and grow.

Eric Lozzi  First Grade Teacher

Eric is a dedicated leader and an advocate for education. Eric recently graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education from Plymouth State University. In his final semester, he student taught a group of 1st graders. There, he led various math, literacy, and science-based activities. He looks forward to applying his ideas and lesson plans from student teaching to the Lextended Day program. He values the play-based model Lextended Day uses and has seen positive results from play-based activities.

 In his free time, you can find Eric reading online articles about football, baseball, or hockey. Eric is passionate about Boston sports teams. Eric also enjoys reading and one of his favorite books is “Out of My Mind,” by Sharon Draper. Eric appreciates the outdoors and enjoys swimming, kayaking, tubing, and hiking.

Christopher Ford —  Second and Third Grade Teacher
Chris recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire, majoring in English Teaching with a minor in Writing. His passions include sports and nature, as he loves to run outdoor games and activities with the students. He also has an interest in theater and music, and has spent time acting in the past He spent the past two summers as the assistant camp director at a boating camp in nearby Stoneham.

Dorothy Boudett — Second and Third Grade Assistant Teacher

Dorothy Boudett is a High School Senior with high energy and an interest in helping children. She came to Lextended Day at Bridge last year and has since made many bonds with our students. Dorothy assisted both the first grade and Kindergarten teachers last year and will be helping second and third grade teachers this year. She is an avid athlete and a strong runner. She takes physical health and well being seriously, making sure to set aside time to stay active, and she hopes to share this passion with the students.

Kevin Lee  Assistant Kindergarten Teacher

Kevin Lee is a High School Senior in his second year at Lextended Day at Bridge. He spent last year working almost exclusively with the first grade and will be assisting Kindergarten this year. Kevin is a volleyball player and student athlete. He has made incredible bonds with the Lextended Day students and we look forward to another excellent year.