Shannon Ditto, Site Director
Eric Rehm, Assistant Site Director 
Parent Board member: Dan TenPas
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Shannon Ditto - Site Director
Shannon has been working in the performing arts and education fields for the past 14 years in her home state of Ohio, as well as Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In 2009, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Performance and Theatre Production and Design. In 2011 she completed her Master of Arts in Multiple Age Theatre Education from Emerson College.  In addition to providing support and leadership in extended learning programs, Shannon loves to create engaging hands on curriculum. Some of her favorite subjects are: STEAM, team building, and project based learning. Before becoming the Site Director at Bridge, Shannon was the Asstistant Site Director at the Lextended Day at Hastings Site. In her free time, Shannon loves to spend time with her husband Dane and son Domenic.

 Eric Rehm

Eric Rehm

Eric Rehm — Assistant Site Director
Eric is an active advocate for the arts and education. He has a B.A. in English and Theater from UMass Amherst and has worked in after school enrichment for over six years. Eric has designed many events and projects in his time as an educator, from mural making to directing theatrical productions to designing student-led haunted houses. He has organized dozens of field trips and taught workshops in art and theater.  He loves to cultivate the arts in young minds , fostering positive social experiences while allowing the imagination to flourish.  Eric tries to remain creative in his spare time; he is a classically trained singer, he paints and doodles and every now and again joins the cast of a musical or play. 

June Gibbons — 1st Grade Teacher
June Gibbons is in her third year at Lextended Day. She worked has worked with both Kindergarten and  First Grade  at Lextended Day at Bridge. She currently attends North Shore Community College, and her goal is to become a police officer after obtaining her degree. Her enthusiasm for working with children and her skills in addressing unique needs are evident everyday in her work at Lextended Day. 



Lacey Dodge -  4th and 5th Grade Teacher
Lacey has been an art lover for all her life. She has enjoyed time being a babysitter and nanny during her time going to high school and college.She has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Art Education from Bridgewater State University. She worked at a summer camp as an Art Director this past summer with kids ages from 5-16. This will be her first time working at Lextended Day and she's very excited to laugh with the kids and explore their imaginations through art making.
In her spare time she loves to create in any way that she can. She is able to work with all types of media from pencils to recycled materials in sculpture.


Dayna Spinner, 2-5 Age Group Coordinator
Dayna is an artist and art educator from New Hampshire.  She has a BA in fine art from Brandeis University and a MAT in K-12 art education from Plymouth State University.  Dayna has taught middle school art for the last 5 years, and prior to that worked at Hastings for Lextended Day.  In addition to working with kids, Dayna also teaches classes at a paint bar in her neck of the woods. She is a painter (mainly watercolor), sculptor (clay and mixed media), and designer.  She also has been involved with theater since she was 12 years old. Additionally,  Dayna is an excitable goofball and nothing makes her happier than encouraging others to be the same. 

Christopher Ford —  2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher
Chris recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire, majoring in English Teaching with a minor in Writing.  His passions include sports and nature, as he loves to run outdoor games and activities with the students. He also has an interest in theater and music, and has spent time acting in the past He spent the past two summers as the assistant camp director at a boating camp in nearby Stoneham.

 Greg Kaplan

Greg Kaplan

Greg Kaplan  4th and 5th Grade Teacher
Greg is currently in his 8th year at Lextended Day. His main focus at our program is in the capacity of a sports and recreation instructor. He spends much of his time in the gym or outside with the children instructing various activities. Greg is a graduate of the University of Vermont, where he studied foreign languages. He also spent a semester abroad, studying at the University of Seville in Spain. Previous to working at Lextended Day, Greg spent many years employed in the editorial field and in office management. In his free time Greg enjoys running and Crossfit.


 Cassandra Rush

Cassandra Rush

Cassandra Rush  K-1 Age Group Coordinator
Cassie is in her 4th year at Lextended Day at Bridge. She has worked as a babysitter families in Lexington for many years and is a student at Middlesex Community College. Prior to working at the Bridge site, she was a long time volunteer at the Bowman Site.  She bring fun games, dance and cooking opportunities to Bridge. Her hobbies include skating, singing, drawing, dancing and cooking. She likes to roller blade and do crafts as well as help students with homework. Something cool you should know about her is that she's very good at puzzles. She also wants you to know she loves to play with kids, considers herself a big kid at heart, and has an easy time talking to children.



Nicole Nguyen- Kindergarten Teacher

Nicole majored in Studio Art at Texas State University specializing in Ceramics and minored in Japanese. She has always been involved in some sort of art all her life including: arts and crafts, theater arts, culinary arts, and music. Her free time usually involves something creative whether it is creating an art piece, making jewelry, singing, writing a short story or novel, or coming up with a fun recipe. She has worked with or around children before at her jobs as a math/reading teacher and at Disney World.

Joseph McClory- 4th and 5th Grade Teacher

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Joseph is a current student at Salem State University. He is studying Elementary and Developmental Education, and with a second major in History. He enjoys sports and outdoor activities. This is his first year at Lextended Day and his goal is to gain experience and to make an impact in the lives of children.

Patrick McCormick- 2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher

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Patrick is excited to join the Lextended Day team.  He received his MFA in Acting from Brooklyn College and has performed in a variety of regional and New York productions.  He has also studied at The Eugene O'Neill National Theatre Institute, Moscow Art Theatre School and Shakespeare and Company. With a new found love of teaching, Patrick returned to his hometown in Beverly to pursue a career as a theatre teacher, hoping to shape the next generation of theatre artists. In his free time, Patrick enjoys relearning how to play the piano